Multi-posting - use your favorite multi-poster

Post jobs to JobDelta using your favorite multi-poster.

These mutli-posters are currently supported:

  • Broadbean
  • In Goede Banen
  • Knollenstein
  • Mimir

How do I get started?

In order to post jobs to JobDelta using your favorite multi-poster, first create a JobDelta-account.

After confirming your account and logging in, you can access the page "Multiposter API token" using the menu on the right hand side (see screenshot below).

Share the API-token that is displayed on this page with your multi-poster.
Once you have shared the API-token with your multi-poster, you are able to manage (post and delelete) jobs with your favorite multi-poster.

1) Create an account, log in and open the "Multiposter API token" page:

2) Share the API-token with your multi-poster and start posting your jobs to JobDelta: