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JobDelta - Your platform for a successful search for applicants and
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Reimagine the process of recruiting talented candidates across a range of sectors and industries globally. JobDelta matches the most suitable talents available with job opportunities at the world’s most exciting and innovative companies. Present your company and strengthen your brand.



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On JobDelta you can quickly post a new job offer in four simple steps. Posting jobs is free.

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Companies can present themselves ideally and create job postings adecuate to their particular target group.

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Through the Resume Search you can find information about suitable candidates. Get access to the applicant's database and contact the matching talent.

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Use the wide range of JobDelta and present your company ideally with all the important information.


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JobDelta is all about making it easy for talented individuals to find the best companies to work for. We do this by collecting detailed information about jobs (specifically focussing on getting the exact location and salary data right) and companies. We make it easy for candidates to filter jobs based on their criteria.


What should I do, if I have forgotten my password?

Click on the Login on the top right and on "Request new password". The password will be sent to your e-mail address, which you have used to register your account. Please note: The delivery of the new password might take some minutes.


How can I change my password or my username?

Login to your account and click on your name on the top right and then on "My Account". After you have entered your current password you will be able to create a new password or a new username.

How can I publish a job posting?

As an employer you can create an account for free. Log into your account and choose "Jobs" in the navigation bar. Now you are already able to post Jobs per template, per link or per PDF.