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Automation / Test Engineers (Kubernetes & Python)


Hope you are doing well!


This is Robert from HSK Technologies,

We are hiring for the following position, please let me know if you are interested in this position.


Position Title: Automation / Test Engineers (Kubernetes & Python)

Work Location: San Jose, CA

Duration: Long Term


Job Description:


  • Hands on experience in setting up Containers based environment using Kubernetes
  • Developer with Python Scripting (Open source, Docker or RedHat Openshift)
  • Sound understanding of Kubernetes concepts (PODS, Daemon sets), Container storage (options for stateful and stateless), Container networking technologies
  • Hands on experience in systems administration and troubleshooting in a Linux or Windows based OS environment
  • Knowledge of enterprise grade storage backend technologies for Container environments
  • Hands on experience with scripting/automation tools (Python, Chef, Ansible, Powershell, Unix shell scripting)
  • Knowledge of typical enterprise use cases for Container technologies.


Automation / Test Engineers (Kubernetes & Python)

HSK Technologies
San Jose, CA
5 - 10 jaar werkervaring
Loon: $70.00 - $50.00

Published on 01/21/2020