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Developer (Javascript, HTML5, CSS)


Job purpose

- This role is a key delivery position responsible for the Technology & Media Delivery implementation of Entertainment Products & Services across LG’s 12 EU countries.
- Develop HTML-Javascript based UI’s on different devices such as next generation set top boxes, TV’s and other devices. This includes applications such as video on demand, guide, widgets and portals. The work includes specification, design, implementation, testing and debugging. Closely working with the production, product, design and operations teams in order to develop and deploy applications.

Key Accountabilities

- Designs and implement of Video Head End Architecture
- Performs vendor selection, due diligence and research
- Performs configurations and implementation of VIDEO HE environments
- Perform integration of Media Playout / Media Streaming within the VIDEO HE to support VoD, StartOver, Re-Start and NetworkPVR functionalities
- Supports capacity and planning modelling against requirements
- Works independently on assigned components as component owner with all Video and Media delivery systems vendors
- Write and manage test cases towards test/release management
- Actively participate and coordinate tests to verify new platform / component functionality
- Assist affiliates in setting up operational procedures to run/implement new functionality
- Provides knowledge transfer
- Provides handover documentation


Education & Qualifications:

- MSc degree level in a relevant area (network-, communications- or consumer electronics engineering
- Fluent spoken and written English

Knowledge & Experience:

- Some years of professional software development experience with front-end development and an emphasis on programming.
- Javascript ECMAScript 2015 (6)
- Node.js (7), NPM
- Competent Javascript programmer who doesn't need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions.
- Practical knowledge of some frameworks and libraries like Backbone.js, Lodash/Underscore.js, ReactJS, LESS, SASS, Angular.js, etc.
- Well-versed in fundamental visual and UX design skills including responsive design.
- Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
- Strive to use web standards to build solutions using semantic mark-up and CSS.
- Understanding of major browsers and the special considerations for their quirks and performance limitations. This should include some experience with progressive enhancement for mobile browsers.
- Understanding of animation techniques. In-depth understanding of CSS3 animations.
- Familiarity with server-side technologies and back-end frameworks
- Comfortable with version control software (Git, Gerrit)
- Familiar with issue/development tracking products like Atlassian Jira.
- Familiar with online documentation products like Confluence Wiki
- You will communicate confidently about technical issues even with non-technical colleagues.
- Self-motivated and proactive in the working environment. A proven ability to work with speed, decisiveness and accuracy to tight deadlines. A willingness work under pressure, while being able to move with changes in the underlying environment, whether these be business or technical.

Skills & Abilities:

- An interest in television, companion applications and social media.
- Automated testing techniques and tools - Javascript unit testing, QUnit, headless testing (PhantomJS), etc
- Agile and lean methods. Scrum, Kanban, etc.
- Experience with processing and presenting big data sets like TV-guide and Video on demand catalogues
- At ease and effective in operating in an international working environment


Startdatum: 01-09-2017
Einddatum: 31-12-2017
Inzet: 40 uur per week
Locatie: Schiphol
Datum intakegesprek: zsm

Developer (Javascript, HTML5, CSS)

Place-IT ICT-Arbeidsmarktspecialist
1118 CP Schiphol

Published on 11/16/2019