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Director of Nursing


The Director of Nursing is responsible for the planning, organization, direction and supervision of activities as well as for the quality of care and services delivered to clients.


  • Plans, organizes, directs and supervises activities related to the delivery of care in the various care units;
  • Identifies the specific needs of clients in each care unit;
  • Ensures sound management of human, financial and material resources according to identified needs;
  • Maintains a bank of candidates to ensure short-term and long-term replacements;
  • Represents the administrative authority of the company;
  • Puts the appropriate measures in place to address any emergencies likely to occur in the establishment;
  • Ensures continuity of care and liaises with the various departments;
  • Ensures the well-being of residents in accordance with existing standards;
  • Follows up on residents’ medical files, appointments and prescriptions;
  • Liaises, if necessary, with the family and/or health institutions;
  • Ensures the knowledge and skills of care staff are maintained and updated;
  • Ensures conformity of the required certifications in each employee’s file (e.g. CPR, PDSB, licence to practise from the OIIQ and OIIAQ);
  • Implements a routine verification system for materials and equipment, including emergency and first aid equipment;
  • Acts as a resource person in the event of workplace accidents;
  • Ensures implementation and compliance of the establishment’s infection prevention program;
  • Collaborates with other service managers to ensure the prevention and treatment of workplace accidents as well as the safety of premises and of day-to-day operations likely to impact clients;
  • Helps sector coordinators prepare work schedules and replacements;
  • Implements a system for evaluating patient needs to identify and meet specific needs;
  • Collaborates with members of other interdisciplinary healthcare teams to evaluate, plan and organize patient care in consultation with patients and their families;
  • Puts the necessary protocols in place to ensure adequate care for different clients;
  • Puts the necessary measures in place to ensure adequate communication between the various stakeholders of all shifts;
  • Performs all other related tasks, according to experience and skills, at the request of his immediate supervisor.


  • Interest in helping relationships and the elderly;
  • Good judgment, attention to detail;
  • Strong team spirit, great interpersonal skills, dynamism;
  • Autonomy, initiative;
  • Discretion, professionalism;
  • Empathy, ability to listen and communicate;
  • Ability to maintain professional distance, courtesy, respect.


  • University undergraduate degree;
  • Graduate training (asset);
  • Member of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ);
  • Five (5) or more years of experience as a staff nurse;
  • More than five (5) years of nursing management experience;
  • Experience working or volunteering with seniors (asset);
  • Up-to-date CPR training;
  • Knowledge of Word and Excel software.


We thank all candidates who will apply, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 

Director of Nursing

Gestion Reseau Selection
LaSalle, ON

Published on 12/05/2019