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EHS Technician

EHS Technician
Tuesday, Thursday only 3am-11am
Pay Rate: $17.77/hr

The Environmental, Health and Safety function concerns itself with the health and safety of the plant employees through prevention of accidents, illnesses and injuries as well as the protection of the environment.

Included in the EHS function are fire, employee health, safety, security and environmental. Plant industrial hygiene is addressed thru the recognition, evaluation, and control of those plant environmental factors or stresses which may cause sickness, impaired health and well being, or significant discomfort among the plant employees. The EHS Technician will assist with a variety of environmental, safety and industrial hygiene training, programs, auditing, reporting, projects and monitoring.

Other responsibilities:
1. Assist with accident/incident investigation
2. Maintain files and records pertaining to environmental, safety and industrial hygiene.
3. Assist with the plant safety committee.
4. Assist management/supervisors/training technicians in preparing a variety of EHS presentations.
5. Keep informed on current environmental, health and safety regulations and legislation and recommend policy changes.
6. Conduct frequent EHS tours/audits of all plant areas and make recommendations for corrective actions for all environmental, safety and health problems noted.
7. Review the installation and modification of all equipment/processes for EHS issues.
8. Responsible for the training and the coordination of the Emergency Response Team.
9. Maintain the plant fire protection system.
10. Assist with maintaining the plant EH&S database.
11. Conduct a variety of EHS training including Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry and timely environmental training.
12. Monitor contractor compliance with various applicable EHS laws and standards.
13. Assist Employee Health in a variety of functions such as dosimetry, audiometric testing and training.
14. Conduct new hire EHS orientations.
15. Complete various environmental reports in a timely manner.
16. Responsible for a variety of timely environmental projects.
17. Assist with the improvement of the plant's recycling efforts.
18. Assist with a variety of activities aimed at maintaining compliance with the plant's various environmental permits.

Major Responsibilities:
Major duties include interfacing with department managers/supervisors in reducing accidents, injuries and property damage at the plant as well as protecting the environment and assuring the plant is in compliance with the various environmental permits and applicable regulations. Work with Division EHS to maintain an active EHS program. Maintain a safe and healthy working environment for anyone entering client site (contractors, visitors, and contract employees).

High School equivalent,
2-3 years work experience
2-3 years of experience in the EHS field.
Background with Fire Department or Rescue squad would be preferred for the technician focused on the safety area. Experience with spreadsheets and algebra preferred.
Adept at using a computer.
Knowledge of applicable regulatory standards and requirements for infant formula and nutritionals.
As well as MIOSHA, OSHA, DOT, EPA, MDEQ, etc.

EHS Technician

CorTech LLC
Columbus, OH 43215

Published on 09/10/2020