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Environmental Cleaning Specialist I (ECS01)

FYI- This location is NOT part of the AP16 process.

1st shift- Tuesday to Saturday (5:00 am to 1:30 pm)

Job Function
Performs all housekeeping tasks outlined in the Building Servicer Job Description and specializes in job functions such as: Washroom Specialist, Vacuum Specialist, Corridor Specialist, Trash Specialist, Light Fixture Specialist, Project Specialist, Clean Core Specialist, Bio-Suites Specialist, and Radioactive Containment Suites Specialist. The work will be accomplished under the general supervision of Lead Personnel and an area Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities
Based on the housekeeping needs for a specific area, the following tasks may be performed.
o Pick up and dispose of regular trash, and wash waste containers.
o Pick up all recyclable paper and transport to designated areas.
o Picks up and bails corrugate and stages in designated areas.
o Pick up and dispose of autoclave waste.
o Vacuum, spot clean, shampoo and extract carpeted floors and dust mop,
Sweep, damp mop, scrub, burnish, strip and refinish resilient and
o Concrete floors.
Spot clean, damp wipe and wash walls, partitions, ceilings, doors and
o Dust high and low, spot cleans, damp wipes and wash office furniture.
o Dust and wash light fixtures, and replace burned out light bulbs using a
step ladder six foot tall or less.
o Clean washrooms. Washroom fixture (mirrors, sinks, urinals, toilets, etc.)
and refill dispensers and replace (paper supplies, soap, etc.).
o Operate various types of wet/dry, electric and battery powered vacuums.
o Operate various types of electric and battery powered walk behind floor scrubbers
and burnishes.
o Operate various types of hand held scrubbers and burnishes.
o Operate chemical dispensing equipment.
Duties and Responsibilities
o Operate ride on equipment such as scrubbers, burnishes and sweepers
o Prepares radioactive and biohazard housekeeping equipment for autoclaving or proper
o Performs radioactive decontamination procedures and biohazard decontamination
procedures on equipment and facilities.
o Monitors equipment as well as solid and liquid waste for radioactive contamination.

Note: The duties listed above cover the most significant jobs performed but do not exclude other occasional duties not mentioned.

Basic Skills and Job Knowledge
High School Diploma or equivalent.
Must be able to write legibility in English and keep written records of tasks
performed on project work logs and attestations and other GMP related documentation.
Must be able to comply with good manufacturing practices and regulatory guidelines.
Must be able to follow safety guidelines and regulations.
Must be able to pass radiation handlers training.
Must be able to perform all building servicer job functions.

Work Experience Required
Must have proven work record indicating initiative and dependability, and/or personal recommendations from responsible individuals.

Complexity of Work
Must have the ability to learn proper cleaning techniques, basic operating procedures and general safety instruction.
Must have the ability to work alone or as a team member sharing responsibility and work tasks.
The ability to work in environments containing radioactive and / or biohazards material.
Must adhere to specific gowning and garbing techniques
Must perform deacon procedures when entering and exiting controlled areas.
Must be able to follow Bop's to exact specification.
Work involves housekeeping duties such as polishing and cleaning in areas which require specialized knowledge of service techniques which could have significant impact on in–process or finished product. Work generally exposes the Power equipment used consists of walk-behind scrubbers, power scrubber/polisher, Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners, portable as well as stationary power pressure washer. Pressure washer equipment requires specific procedures to prevent damage to equipment, products, to oneself and co-workers. Must be able to understand carry out and remember verbal and written instructions and document work when completed. Perform work requiring regular contact with others. Consistently, must respond to Supervision. Needs to able to make decisions independently, and work alone as well with others, as things may change with little notice.
Performs multiple tasks that are repetitive, performs duties and maintains area cleanliness in accordance with established criteria with minimal supervision. Becomes more knowledgeable on the working processes to assist with identifying and implementing work improvements.

Safety & Working Environment
Environmental Cleaning Specialist to working conditions and work hazards similar to those in the manufacturing areas. These conditions and hazards may include; moving equipment, hazardous chemicals and solvents, noise, outdoor temperatures and elevated indoor temperatures. Work can be physically demanding requiring concentration, visual and auditory acuity, muscle coordination, attention to detail, and constant awareness of work surrounding,
Walking, standing, climbing stairs, May be required to work in areas were hazardous materials and/or moving equipment are present, May be required to work out side during inclement weather.

Basic physical requirements are but limited to:
o Stand for 7 hours per shift.
o Regularly lift 35 pounds 50 times per shift.
o Occasionally lift 50 pounds 6 times per shift.
o Walk approximately 2000 feet per hour.
o Climb 6 flights of stairs per shift.
o Work on knees 30 minutes per shift
o Bend / Squat 200 times per shift.
o Rotate left / right 200 times per shift.

Effects of Actions
Failure to follow Basic Operating Procedure in manufacturing support areas could result in product contamination.
Failure to follow basic safety rules could result in the injury of you or fellow employee's or damage to company property and may impact the environment.
Failure to maintain the security of an area by insuring that areas are properly locked, could result in the thefts of valuable Abbott tools, equipment and other resources, or damage to same.
Documentation and work practices frequently audited by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Environmental Cleaning Specialist I (ECS01)

CorTech LLC
North Chicago, IL 60064

Published on 11/18/2020