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Forklif operator | Flexpool


Werk & IK specializes in logistics & transport, catering & events, facility services, business services and technology. Together we look for the type of work that matches your qualities.


As a forklift operator you will contribute to the logistic chain that our clients create. You do this by unloading and loading trucks, checking incoming and outgoing shipments. As a forklift employee you have to make sure that the logistic chain runs smoothly. 

-loading and unloading trucks with a forklift.
-collecting orders and preparing them for expedition.
-administrative handling of incoming and outgoing shipments.

What will your week look like?
Once you have fully settled within the company, your timetable will look something like this; on Monday and Tuesday you are scheduled with one of our customers in the warehouse, with the help of a forklift you ensure that the incoming freight is ready for further transport. On Wednesdays you are free, after which you work on Thursdays and Fridays at a large cargo handler at Schiphol, where you are involved in building up and breaking down aircraft plates. To complete your working week, our planner will call you on Friday afternoon to inform you that you have a few more hours scheduled on Saturday as a baggage handler on the baggage platform.

The schedule described is an example of course, as an all-round logistics employee you need to be flexible, because your schedule is not the same every week. You are scheduled in a three-shift roster, which means that, in addition to different working days, you are also scheduled at different times; morning shift, afternoon shift, evening shift or night shift.


- You have experience as a logistics employee;
- You are available on a part-  or full-time basis and can be deployed flexibly (Mon to Sun, three shifts);
- You are preferably in possession of a forklift truck certificate;
- You have no problem working at different locations every day;
- You have no problem doing physically demanding work;
- You master the English language in word and writing;
- You are in possession of a driving license B and your own transportion;
- You have lived in the Netherlands for at least 8 years and have not been in contact with the police or the judiciary (regarding obtaining a VGB)


- Full time post minimum 40hrs/week.
- Weekly payment (with bonuses up to 200%).
- Attractive salary (weekly payment including bonuses up to 200%).
- Work education(trainings and courses on various vehicles that are used in    airport logistics or general logistics).
- Accommodation (if needed 380eur/month).
- Holiday hours
- Vacation money(get paid one time per year)


Forklif operator | Flexpool

Werk & IK Uitzendgroep B.V.
1438 AN Oude Meer
1 - 2 jaar werkervaring
Uren (per week): 
32 - 40

Published on 11/22/2020