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HVAC Customer Service Assistant

HVAC Customer Service Assistant needs 5 years of HVAC service industry experience managing service operations and / or service scheduling.

HVAC Customer Service Assistant requires:

  • Strong financial understanding of how to partner within a successful team.
  • Able to use Service Management software and financial accounting systems.
  • Associate’s degree preferred, high school diploma or equivalent required


HVAC Customer Service Assistant duties:

  • • Receives customer requests for unscheduled or scheduled service.
    • Determines customer needs and matches appropriate skill set to the need.
    • Coordinates with the Technician to communicate the action plan and services to be provided to the customer.
    • Ensures work has been performed to the customer’s expectations and performs follow-up with the customer, as
    • Answers any customer inquiries and resolves or escalates customer issues, as appropriate.
    • Coordinates labor scheduling to align technician to the appropriate customer and service need.
    • Ensures Technicians are provided daily schedules.
    • Maintains consistent communication with assigned Technicians.
    • Follows up on activities to ensure completion in an established timeframe.
    • Reconciles all service requests daily.
    • Prepares yearly, monthly and weekly execution plans for scheduled service visits.
    • Participates in Business Review meetings by preparing and discussing critical account information pertinent to current
    profitability status and customer satisfaction issues.
    • Researches and follows up on action items assigned.

HVAC Customer Service Assistant

Orlando, FL
0-uren contract, Tijdelijk, Freelance
5 - 10 jaar werkervaring
High school
Loon: $40,000.00 - $41,000.00
Uren (per week): 
39 - 40

Published on 10/17/2020