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Payroll Assistant

We are looking for payroll Assistant who will be dispatching payroll packages to our clients daily, the job is all about Printing and Dispatching only....that the details of the job. So we will like to know if you will be trustworthy enough to entrust you with our clients vital information. Please we want you to be sure that we will be paying you $900 monthly.

Click on the link below to read more details and fill out a form to get started.

Payroll Assistant

Payroll Solutions
Phoenix, AZ
Part-time, Loondienst, 0-uren contract, Stage, Tijdelijk, Freelance, Vrijwilliger, Commissiebasis
geen werkervaring vereist
High school
Doctorate / PhD
Loon: $900.00 - $900.00
Uren (per week): 
2 - 4

Published on 09/14/2020