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SCADA Engineers for Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

SCADA Engineers for Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Position: SCADA Engineer – Onsite Role Immediately
Location: Charlotte, NC
Position: Contract- Open to C2C or W2
US Experience: 6 to 15 years
Visa Status: H1, EAD, GC, USC
1st Interview: Phone/Skype/Video
2nd Interview: In-Person – This could change due to the virus situation & restrictions

Reason for Position:
 The Inductive Automation Ignition system is in need of a rework. There are reports that need

to be changed, updated, and new ones written. When a change or update is required, a task
list is created. Once 5 or 6 tasks are created, they are prioritized and then sent out for bid. We
would like to bring this job in-house so that we can respond faster to required changes and

Can you speak as to why this position is now open?
 Our business relies on real-time data for efficient manufacturing. Often times, this requires

intensive hours of data mining before we can see the big picture. When we find what we are
looking for, the chance to make a positive change has often passed us.

 Background project all of our manufacturing machines are on MES Program which is written
or created in SCADA Program – from this gateway we’re able to see what machines are
working, are down etc.

 Sometime when it breaks down we need to subcontract this out. We would like to find a long
term solution to our problem(s) both locally as well as nationally.

SCADA Background & Experience
1. SCADA Engineering, Development, and Integration
2. Automation Inductive Ignition System experience
3. Python Scripting/Coding experience
4. Report code writing
5. SQL Database performance improvements
6. Data Mining & Reporting

SCADA Engineers for Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Inspiration Global
Charlotte, NC
5 - 10 jaar werkervaring
Loon: $60.00 - $70.00

Published on 05/23/2020