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Job description

We are looking for a Translator to interpret written and audio pieces in different languages, making sure to maintain their original meaning, format and tone. responsibilities include reading and thoroughly understanding the context of given material, using specialized dictionaries and translation tools and proofreading finished pieces of work. To be successful in this role, you should have a keen eye for detail and be fluent in at least two languages in addition to your native language.

• Convert text and audio recordings from one language to one or more others
• Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone
• Edit content with an eye toward maintaining its original format (e.g. font and structure)
• Network with field experts to stay current on new translation tools and practices

• Fluency in at least two languages in addition to your native language
• Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
• Time-management skills


7034 Reagan Cir, Augusta, GA 30909
Full-time, Part-time
1 - 2 jaar werkervaring
High school
Loon: $45,020.00 - $59,540.00
Uren (per week): 
30 - 42

Published on 06/30/2020